Friday, January 6, 2017

Home Security Cameras

I was in the market for some home security cameras. I was going on vacation and wanted to monitor any activity that might happen in my home. After some research I landed on my first product. Through amazon I found the SV3C Full HD 1080P which is a really nice looking POE camera. The setup was relatively easy and at the currrent $49.99 the price is phenomenal. I wanted to say I paid $59.99 when I first bought them. The problem I had was the lack of features. There web interface was so so and there IPhone app wasn't great either.  They also have a wifi version for $45.00 dollars. After a couple days I just wasn't  completely satisfied with the options.

At the same time, my friend was in the market for a security camera as well. He purchased the Reolink IP Security Camera. When he showed me the app I was sold. The price point was $74.99 but wasnt far from what I have wanted to spend. This is not only a 1440p camera but a  POE camera as well. However the web interface and options that come with this camera just from the App I was shown was what sold me. When I was able to get the web interface working on my computer, I was even more impressed with the options.

If your going to attempt to do this on your own, then testing out the Reolink IP Security Camera would be a good low cost way trying a diy camera setup. If your like me an have no way to get Ethernet out side due to brick like on one of the sides of my home. Below is the setup I used to make it work. 

1. Airport Express (Ebay, no need to buy new)

Reolink provides a wireless version for  $99.99 dollars. I went with the POE version because I had an Airport express handy.  Two months later I am very happy, still tinkering with the settings trying to get them just right. This is a great DIY camera for you do it your selfers. The options and features as well as affordability are great. Buying a system like this with the ability to expand as you go just makes it a great option.

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