Friday, October 16, 2015

Amazon Prime Now in Cypress, TX

Yesterday I clicked on like I always did only to find they started two hour delivery in my area. Like the amazon junkie I am I ordered a couple things to test it out. So I ordered the most random stuff I could think of. Keep in mind you only get choices through Amazon Prime Now (and have to download a separate app) so you don't have the full options you normally have. I tried to order the new Avengers Age of Ultron Blu Ray but that was not an option. The sections are as follows

Frozen Food
Refrigerated Foods
Pantry Basics
Beverages (didnt find beer)
Gift Ideas
Household Essentials
Personal Care
Home Decor & Accessories
Sports & Fitness
Game Day Must Haves
Outdoor Recreation
Kids & Baby
Pet Central
Movies & Gaming

(Halloween, Seasonal Section)

I ordered a batting Tee for Mac and Oreos. I scheduled the time for delivery (between 6-8) and my packages arrived at 6:43. You have options when scheduling times. I did try to get my order earlier in the day but the time I choose was not available. There is also an option to leave the package without having to sign for it. They do treat the service like pizza delivery and a Tip is suggested (more like mandatory) but I am ok with it. The selection especially for food was really good and more robust thank I would have expected. 

Awesome first experience!! Free Shipping for Prime members as usual and there is also a $20 off your first order of $50 or more so give it a shot. 

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