Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Delete or recover email properly in Outlook

So I ran into this issue when a couple guys left the company I work for over the weekend and went to a competitor. Basically one of the guys deleted all the of his email or so he thought. The Branch manager wanted to see if there was anything in the emails that he should be concerned with.

So here is steps the user should have done to make sure his deleted folder was really deleted. Open Outlook and View the Pane towards the top of outlook

From there Choose Folder

Then Choose Recover Deleted Items.

Then you View all email that is in the trash. You can either Recover the deleted item or makes sure you delete them by choose Delete All.

So if your trying to hose your previous company or just dont want them to have the info you leave behind, thats as good as you can do! We got all the emails he tried to delete.

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