Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm back (again) but in Houston!! Review of Aereo streaming local tv service

In January I sold the house in San Diego and moved out to Houston where I had a nice relaxing I.T. job waiting for me. The only downsides besides moving away from friends and family is that I'm traveling twice as far and traffic is twice as terrible. ( I wont mention the weather issue) But the people are way more engaging and generally nicer. But this is not an update on me just letting you know why I haven't written in so long. 

Since I've moved to Houston, I have essentially been living TVless. Now that I'm settled and in a routine I wanted to address this. I have been staying with a friend and I didn't want to add to his cable bill and get a box. Some might ask, why don't you just torrent your shows. The WiFi in the house isn't the greatest and speed isn't a concern to my friend, so I don't want to bog down his network with constant streaming or downloading. (And I would never torrent) 

In San Diego I had read about a service called Aereo. It sounded like a great idea. Basic cable that you can get on your smart device. Another step closer to cutting the chord. However it didn't have enough channels for me to consider it a viable option. Since I'm now in a place where I have 20 or so days between my friends house and escrow closing on my house. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to give Aereo a try. 

Upsides so far
1. The setup process is simple. However you need a credit/debit card that has a local billing address tied to it to complete registration and initial billing process.
2. DVR to record shows
3. Aereo probably offers the best web DVR setup I've used. Its much simpler and more responsive than Uverse of Cox Cables online interface. 
4. You can access live video from your web browser via phone or computer
5.1 month trial/test period (which is perfect for my needs)
6. Price 8.99 monthly 
7. Smooth 4g LTE Playback (smart device)
8. Smooth Wifi Playback (pc & smart device)

Downsides so far
1. Limited amount of channels (but I knew that going in) and its really not a downside but I would kick cable if they offered more. 
2. No App for smart device
3. Having to use a card located with a viable zip (that is how they keep subscription local)
4. One DVR channel at a time. (You pay extra for an additional channel for simultaneous DVRing)

As you can see the positives out weigh the negatives, for the cord cutting people this service can be a great alternative especially during football season. You would only have to find different options for Monday and Thursday night football. I'm definitely in the early stages of using Aereo so if I find any issues along the way I will make sure to post an update. 

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