Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What I use to keep my PC from the sickness!

So recently, I have been getting a lot of questions about virus removal. Since we live in a world were people click on random sites, popups and emails that they have no idear who there from, I thought I would write an article

So I thought I would write an article on how I "try" cleans infected computers.

First I start with downloading what I need.
I go to http://ninite.com/
I'm assuming since you have a virus your a windows user.
Find the area called Security (should be in bold)
From there click (check) next the following. Did I mention there free?
:Spybot 2

From there click on the Get Installer
Depending on your browser, accept/run and let the programs install.

If you are using Norton Antivirus, you probably will be asked if you want to uninstall. I have Norton and would uninstall in a heart beat. However if you just paid to renew your subscription, Stop the installation and only install Spybot 2 and Malware bytes
From there after all three are installed

Once installation has complete, Microsoft Security essentials will update and start a quick scan on its own.
Following Completion, start Walware bytes. If your database is out of date, you will get a pop up telling you to update.
The update should take seconds
After the update is completed, Perform a full scan.
This can take some time.

After the scan is complete you will see a screen asking you to view the infections. Make sure you remove any infections you find by click the check mark next to them and then click the remove button.

Now on to spybot 2..
Make sure not to walk away because spybot needs more manual attention
As a good practice, Updating should be the first thing you do.
Click update two or three times. Once it is updated, the last time you try and update will be super quick
Click Immunization
Choose Full Immunization
Then Choose Apply Immunization
After scan complete close out
Click on system scan
Start Scan
A Pop up shows "Clean Temp items" I always click yes
Once scan has completed, click show scan results
Choose Fix Selected

This should remove any malware or virus issues found.

Now if your unable to download and install anything try booting to safe mode. Depending on your computer maker there can be a different button to tap at startup
For instance click on f12 continuously at startup.
You will have these options
:Safe Mode
:Safe Mode with Networking
:Safe Mode with Command Prompt
:Enable VGA mode
:Last Known Good Configuration
:Directory Service Restore Mode
:Debugging Mode
:Enable Boot Logging
:Start Windows Normally

Try and login using safe mode with networking

Then follow the steps above.

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