Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Use your old Android devices as a home webcam.

So essentially I'm taking two really great ideas and services and combing to get the best usage for me out of them.

First I learned about iVideon from my friend el dipablo at Bauer-Power.net. iVideon allows you to connect any camera and stream that camera over the web. Whats excellent is that you can use iVideon on Windows, OS, Android and Linux devices. The server and smart device app are free. Up to two cameras are free as well. After setting up my account information I setup the iVideon Server on a mac mini and and attached a Logitech usb webcam. The usb webcam is detected automatically by the server.Create a user account, hit play/start and your off. Setup is painless and easy. From there you can view the feed from a browser or smart device.

Even though I'm an IPhone guy I still have access to extra droid phones that will never be used again. So when I ran into Iyaz Akhtar episode 57: Turn You Android into a Spy Cam on Twit.tv I got super excited because this is something I wanted to implement for a while.  Make your old phone into a webcam, I'm in The article said to install IP Webcam from the google play store on the droids. Like iVideon, this app is completely free.

Once installation of the app was complete I opened the app and started the service all the way at the bottom. From there IP Webcam is running. You will need the IP address that is on the screen. Enter that IP into a web browser.  From there you will see a bunch of different options on how to view your droids feed. You will want to choose URL for MJPG-compatible software. This is under the Third-party software support:. I've circled what you need to copy below. Copy and paste the url.

Go back to your iVideon server and right click on the IP Camera. Add camera. Find the URL input area. Click on the middle option next eye looking button. Paste the info your copied from Android webcam server and hit ok. Click ok again. Hit the start button on the iVideon Server. 

From there go to the iVideon app or browser that your videos are streaming and confirm setup.  Below is a picture on where my cams running live. The far right pic is in a dark hallway. 

As mention before iVideon is a free service with just two cameras.  Anything more and you will have to pay like I have. My option is 21 cents a day for three cameras. With the payed version your get more options. Your able to archive for up to 10 minutes. This comes in handy if someone breaks in your home. You can also setup alerts. Status alerts and Motion alerts. Motion alerts also work really well in the middle of the night as I tested. These are only available with the paid version.

My Setup
Mac Mini (For Server and Logitech usb Webcam)
Logitech Webcam (connected to mac mini)
Micro usb cable (Two of these)
USB wall charger (Two of these)
3m Meduim Hooks (hold androids)
Two old android phones 

So basically I took two really awesome ideas. One from Iyaz Akhtar from this Know How regarding IP webcam app, and one from el dipablo at Bauer-Power.net. I molded the services together for what I wanted and the end result has made me very pleased. I also see this service put into play for day cares. I have a baby of my own and would love to be able to check in on her with something like this daily. Its inexpensive and has been reliable. 

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