Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Mac Wireless Mouse & Keyboard on a PC (windows 7)

I have an apple wireless keyboard and apple magic mouse just hanging out at home. In fact I have two keyboards at home and one at work. My home keyboards were for my home theater system however I found that going back and fourth with a keyboard and mouse was a hassle. So I bought the Logitech Wirelss Touch Keyboard with Built in Multi Touchpad. Its been so great and I bought a second for my second HTPC. The third keyboard at work was used by the President of my day time job and he didn't like that it didnt have a numeric pad option. Instead I ordered him a Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard for mac that he loves. 

This left me with three wireless keyboards and one mouse. When I first got into I.T. I looked for ways to get these devices to work on PC but at the time the drivers weren't available. So I forgot about it and even spent money on a Logitech Wireless Solar Keyboard that is fantastic. Probably my second favorite keyboard. What made me start searching for this again was the purchase of the Logitech Touch Mouse.  Its a really solid/good mouse but its not my favorite. So I started doing some research. 

To go any further you will have to have Bluetooth on your computer, if you don't have one buy a USB Bluetooth. Its under 2 dollars.

Now google search "apple bootcamp". Click downloads. In the search box, type windows 7 (vista or xp). Scroll down and you will see Boot Camp Software Update 3.1 for windows (download  64 or 32 bit version depending on your computer) Its a big download. Once downloaded setup a new folder on your desktop called Mac PC Keyboard. Put the download in the file. From there extract the file using 7zip. From here make two folders called Extract 1 and Extract 2. Right click the windows installer and extract (using 7zip) into the Extract 1 folder. Open that folder and Click and open the folder BootCamp31ToBootCamp303.(not #BootCamp31ToBootCamp303) Scroll down and find Binary.Keyboad_Bin and extract that to the Extract 2 folder. From there find and double click DPIsnt. Follow the prompts to complete installation. 

Next go to Track Pad Magic or Magic Mouse Utilities  and click on the download tab. Download the Mouse-Driver-Installer. Save and place on your desktop. I made a folder on my desktop called Mac Mouse PC. I placed the download in that file. I did this because the next step is to extract (using 7 zip) the contents of that file in the folder. Once extracted you will see an Application called DPInst. Double click that and install the drivers. Its a couple Next clicks and your done.

Now go to your Home/Start Button. Click on Devices and Printers. Click on Add Device. That should be it. You might have to unstall the bluetooth driver and I did have to restart once, but it was easy enough. Now I am able to enjoy the Mac wireless magic mouse and keyboard at work and at home on my two PC's. Try it out, and let me know if you have any questions!!

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