Friday, June 14, 2013

New Laptop = Dual Monitor Problems

So here I am. A new 2nd Generation i7 Lenovo ThinkPad work Laptop and everything is working flawless. The setup was quick and a breeze and I loved it. Then I went to setup the dual monitors.Guess what, it didn't work. The install and setup was going to smoothly so something had to not work. The problem is that the docking station we have comes with a VGA and DVI connections for dual monitor use. However my new Samsung monitors only have VGA or HDMI connections.

So I thought a Female DVI and Male VGA would be my solution. It was not. The monitor would never come on.  I tried both monitors and got the same results on both. NO VIDEO. I played with the Nvidia control panel and nothing. Dead black screen

My next option was the a DVI to HDMI adapter that I had at my house. So I have no DVI connections on these monitors but I have to HDMI connections to work with. This solution got me video. However the monitor was over sized and in black in white with not color. I could go to the screen size and choose a lower  resolution which fixed the over sized part of my issue.
After doing some research and coming up with no real answer I started playing around witht he Nvidia control panel again.

After much trial and error I found the setting I needed to get color.
Open the nvidia control panel and in the dispaly settings choose Adjust desktop color settings
Click on the monitor that is affected and you should see Apple the Following Encahnments on the bottom of the screen
For me it was three on the bottom
Digital vibrance should be changed to 50 percent you will now see color on your second monitor.

So far I have had to adjust this anytime I undock or open and close the laptop.
However this is a solution and I'm willing to make this quick change everyday instead of not seeing my second monitor at all or not having it in colowe

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