Friday, May 3, 2013

Mac OS Plex Removal

I have been using Plex for years now and absolutely love it. As usual I still haven't done my review and walk through of it because I'm busy and dont want to do it an injustice. Plex is basically the most awesome way to browse your local media. Its free and it does all the work for you. But my article isnt about the awesomeness of Plex. What its about is how to remove it from a Mac. A year and half ago, I moved my local media to a drobo fs for redundancy purposes and moved the Plex media server to my PC work horse.

Since then I have been wanting to remove Plex Media Server from my Mac because sometimes Plex gets confused as to where its pulling the media from and can cause a sharp pain in my ass! Obviously I have been living with this issue for about a year so its not really a big deal.  However I am finding more and more I probably have A.D.D and I finally concentrated long enough to get this take care of. In fact I wasnt going to work on this but I was in the middle of something else when this issue grabbed my attention.

Here is what I did.
Go to this Site:
Scroll down past the Contents and Uninstalling should be first.
Depending on what version of OS you have might dictate the complexity of the removal. If your on the latest version make sure to pay attention to the notes as you will have to manually search for the folder which isn't very difficult if I can do it.

When you have everything moved to the trash, Click Finder at the top left next to the Apple. Choose the option Secure Empty Trash.

This is will take a lot longer so do this step if you have time or when you are done with whatever else you are doing!

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