Thursday, May 2, 2013


Since January I have little or no time to play any video games. Between baby, family, work & a little golf time how can I find the time. I was never a video gameaholic but I loved games that had a great story. I played a little online but for the most part I wanted to beat the actual game and see what the storytellers came up with this time. I played a little baseball growing up and love my sports but they usually dont tell a story. My loves are Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, to Halo to Modern Warfare & The Walking Dead (by Telltale) all have wonderful stories and are usually what I tend to play nowadays.

However since my little muchie has come along, time for a movie, let alone time for an 8-12 hour game is a struggle to find. So one day I was reminiscing about the fact that I never actually beat Grand Theft Auto III. I  have beat every other version since but I never beat that. I ran into a snipping mission that I could not master at the time and for some reason or another, put the game down. I must of loved it because I keep buying the newer version of Grand Theft Auto. So I went to youtube, because you can find everything on youtube. I searched for GTA 3 walktrough and I of course found what I was looking for. But really I stumbled upon something much better than just a GTA walkthough. I stumbled upon SSoHPKC or Seamus.

He plays basically every video game you can think of for a living and posts them on youtube. He provides commentary and not just about the game. He talks about whatever is on his mind, like how people mispronounce his name to why his Sandy Bridge processor is a pain in his ass because it makes recording some newer games impossible. He makes a point not to talk over the characters talking and turns on subtitles so you can read or hear what they are talking about. Why am I writing about this. Because, he provides me a service. I get to see how a game is without buying it and if I like it I can go out and buy it. I did this with TellTales Walking Dead and he got me to buy the GTA III, GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas three pack even though I have no time to actually plays these.

Even though I no longer have time to "game" I still want to game. I wanna see how awesome or terrible a game was and because Seamus buy, plays and commentates through the games, I never feel like I'm missing to much..If your time strapped like me give him a look.. Plus he's from Chicago and during one of his videos he said "HE GONE"

GO Sox! (White)

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