Thursday, May 23, 2013

On the Road to less roundness with Nike Fuel!

In my growing attempt to live longer (at least long enough to pay for my daughters college) I have taken on the mission to eat healthier and get more exercise. Nothing really exciting but, eating less and eating better. The exercise consists of trying to get to 10,000 steps a day or at least 2.5 to 3 miles a day. I have found that keep track of steps, calories and miles work is not only an incentive but because I'm so competitive it drives me to make my goals.

I first started off with an IPhone app called My Fitness Pal. Its free but it allows you to track your daily caloric intake. In diet world, every calorie counts. It allows you to customize your meals one ingredient at a time. It also has meals already, so if you have fast food it will allow to choose The Big Mac and fries automatically so you dont have to manually search for the calories. It does it for you.

From there I bought an app called Pedometer. Great name right! I tried the free version and I liked the interface enough to purchase the 2.99 upgrade. This will show Steps, Distance, Cals and time. Also Speed and average speed of your walk. I found this app to be great except I had to manually turn it one everyday. This is not an issue but it didnt count your total daily steps.

The newest addition to my tech enhanced life is the Nike Fuel. What I love about this device is that you put around your wrist and you forget it the rest of the day. It counts your steps and calories burned throughout the day. I put this thing on every morning and take it off and charge before bed and repeat. The battery life is good, but and you can leave attached for 1-3 days depending on how much you press the Fuel button. You download the Nike Fuel app from the Itunes App store and sync it your Bluetooth. From there it will sync your progress throughout the day and let you know when you have reached your daily goal. It comes in there different sizes and three different colors. The drawback is that this Nike Fuel band is expensive. Ranging from $150-200.

So here are there great tools to help you get in some steps and set some goals. Exercise is the key. You don't have to get crazy with it, start with walking. For me the incentive of the Nike Fuelband is that it costs so much, I better use it. But you have less expensive and free apps that can help you with your goals. In the long run its up to you but I have found that these additions to my daily life along with better eating are helping me continue my journey!!

Monday, May 6, 2013

5 Redbox tips plus a little extra

I'm a Redbox fan. So I'm by no way trying to get over on a great company that provides a great service but here are a couple tricks and tips I use when renting from them and a bit of a review on their streaming service. Ya they offer one of those as well..

Tip 1. Always Rent on-line. I start my day job at 6am so by the time I get to the office Tuesday morning (new release day) Red boxes in my local area are updated with the new inventory. Log in choose your movies and hopefully the closest most convenient machine in your area and pick up your movies on your way home. That should be plenty of time to check out your flick of choice and return it.

Tip 2. You probably know this, but you can return the movie to ANY Redbox, not just the one your picked it up from. Sometimes it makes a difference between returning them on time and not returning them because of convenience.

Tip 3. Check for online codes. This can sometimes get a free movie (dollar off on Blu Ray) or at the least 50 cents off. There is always a code online but I recommend these sites. Coupon Dad or Inside Redbox .They have first time user deals or different location deals, like grocery stores or places like Walgreen deals.

Tip 4. Scout multiple locations and not just places close to your house. If theirs a movie you just have. Redbox offers a map of its locations. So you scout Redboxes not only close to your house but by your work or maybe other convenient locations. Take advantage of the online tool instead of just going to a random box and your movie not being in stock. Its a waste of your time.

Tip 5. This is my newest finding. So I went to pick up my rentals last week and the machine was frozen. I called Redbox and as usual when I have a problem they are awesome and took care of me. They credited me three movies to my account to make up for the hassle of not being able to pick up my rentals and a technician was on his way to fix the box. The next day I went back online to rent the movies I wanted the previous day and could not find them anywhere. When I went to check my account to see the my credits they had been given to me, I saw the movies I rented the previous day were still waiting for me to pick them up. I contacted redbox chat support and basically the girl said that once the transaction is processed they can not clear it from the Machine. If the movie is checked in before the due date that's all they care about. What this meant to me is that I still had a rental out there. So I went to the same box on my way home and sure, enough I was able to get the movies I rented the previous day. Because I get off at a awesome time, I was able to view both movies and have them back in plenty of time before the 9 pm deadline. This also meant I was able to get 3 movies on the house.

Now this was the first time this has happened to me and I stated before I think Redbox delivers a great product. But if you play by the rules there is no reason not to take advantage of their mistake.

The streaming service review is short and sweet. WAIT!. Its not a very good service yet. However they put a very good price on there service. 4 Redbox credits and unlimited streaming for 8 bucks a month. However there library of streaming movies is small still so hold off until they get bigger!

I wish Redbox would come up with a drive-thru service. I'm far from lazy however, but I see a lot of stand alone ATM's and I just think that service would work done the right way. For instance, if Walgreen's or CVS partnered up and put a box in the second lane next to the drive-thru Pharmacy line.. I think it would work!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Mac OS Plex Removal

I have been using Plex for years now and absolutely love it. As usual I still haven't done my review and walk through of it because I'm busy and dont want to do it an injustice. Plex is basically the most awesome way to browse your local media. Its free and it does all the work for you. But my article isnt about the awesomeness of Plex. What its about is how to remove it from a Mac. A year and half ago, I moved my local media to a drobo fs for redundancy purposes and moved the Plex media server to my PC work horse.

Since then I have been wanting to remove Plex Media Server from my Mac because sometimes Plex gets confused as to where its pulling the media from and can cause a sharp pain in my ass! Obviously I have been living with this issue for about a year so its not really a big deal.  However I am finding more and more I probably have A.D.D and I finally concentrated long enough to get this take care of. In fact I wasnt going to work on this but I was in the middle of something else when this issue grabbed my attention.

Here is what I did.
Go to this Site:
Scroll down past the Contents and Uninstalling should be first.
Depending on what version of OS you have might dictate the complexity of the removal. If your on the latest version make sure to pay attention to the notes as you will have to manually search for the folder which isn't very difficult if I can do it.

When you have everything moved to the trash, Click Finder at the top left next to the Apple. Choose the option Secure Empty Trash.

This is will take a lot longer so do this step if you have time or when you are done with whatever else you are doing!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


Since January I have little or no time to play any video games. Between baby, family, work & a little golf time how can I find the time. I was never a video gameaholic but I loved games that had a great story. I played a little online but for the most part I wanted to beat the actual game and see what the storytellers came up with this time. I played a little baseball growing up and love my sports but they usually dont tell a story. My loves are Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, to Halo to Modern Warfare & The Walking Dead (by Telltale) all have wonderful stories and are usually what I tend to play nowadays.

However since my little muchie has come along, time for a movie, let alone time for an 8-12 hour game is a struggle to find. So one day I was reminiscing about the fact that I never actually beat Grand Theft Auto III. I  have beat every other version since but I never beat that. I ran into a snipping mission that I could not master at the time and for some reason or another, put the game down. I must of loved it because I keep buying the newer version of Grand Theft Auto. So I went to youtube, because you can find everything on youtube. I searched for GTA 3 walktrough and I of course found what I was looking for. But really I stumbled upon something much better than just a GTA walkthough. I stumbled upon SSoHPKC or Seamus.

He plays basically every video game you can think of for a living and posts them on youtube. He provides commentary and not just about the game. He talks about whatever is on his mind, like how people mispronounce his name to why his Sandy Bridge processor is a pain in his ass because it makes recording some newer games impossible. He makes a point not to talk over the characters talking and turns on subtitles so you can read or hear what they are talking about. Why am I writing about this. Because, he provides me a service. I get to see how a game is without buying it and if I like it I can go out and buy it. I did this with TellTales Walking Dead and he got me to buy the GTA III, GTA Vice City & GTA San Andreas three pack even though I have no time to actually plays these.

Even though I no longer have time to "game" I still want to game. I wanna see how awesome or terrible a game was and because Seamus buy, plays and commentates through the games, I never feel like I'm missing to much..If your time strapped like me give him a look.. Plus he's from Chicago and during one of his videos he said "HE GONE"

GO Sox! (White)

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