Monday, March 4, 2013

Two Computers, One Keyboard & Mouse

Have you ever had a desktop and laptop share a monitor? I have my Windows 7 desktop and wanted to use my laptop which I recently installed Windows 8. I then wanted to connect the laptop to the monitor. The monitor I have has three inputs. DVI, VGA & HDMI. I have my Desktop (workhorse) connected through DVI. An appletv connected to HDMI and now this laptop through VGA. I have also extended the display from the laptop to the monitor giving me a multiple display view, which is great.
But when it can time for me to browse or type something, I would have to keep switching back and forth between the Keyboard and Mouse I have setup on the desktop and the laptops mouse and trackpad function. Let me tell you this blows. So i was looking into something like a KVM switch to help with this. But after some thought, I didnt want to downgrade my desktops display capabilities by going dual VGA. So after some search I found Synergy-Foss. Synergy lets you share your mouse and keyboard between muliple computers on your desk. It works with Linux, OSX & Windows software. But the best part about it is the cost. FREE. I was still able to use the dual monitor function after this was installed which was great. The program knew the difference and what setting my monitor was on.
I am currently using this at home and work. At work I am using it from Windows 7 to OSX and it works flawlessly.  Once I found it, I searched Lifehacker and they have a great walk through on how to make it work as it can be a little tricky!

Check it out

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