Thursday, October 25, 2012

20,000 songs on the Go!

Even though some might consider me an Apple fan boy, I am not one to pass up awesome tech. If you haven't heard of Google Play than let me introduce you. I don't know about you but I don't necessarily want to pay an extra $100 for 32gb of storage on my phone or tablet. I have 72gb of music any way and all of it wont fit on the largest offered device with max storage not to mention if I put any HD videos on there. So the only option is to go to the cloud. I might be an Apple fan boy but until they figure out the CLOUD thing you will not see me recommending it. This lead me to Google Play. Google Play will allow up to 20,000 uploaded to there server or Cloud which you can download anywhere at anytime. So if your hard drive fails you would be able to download all the music you lost to a new hard drive. While that should be reason enough for you. the 20,000 song upload is FREE. Anything over 20,000 you have to pay for. If that wasn't enough, you can access your music, from any desktop or mobile device. Yes even IOS. Because Apple hates google you are not gonna get a Google Play native app unless your using an Android phone. I bought Gmusic for $1.99 on the app store. No Jail-breaking necessary. There are other versions out there some even free, but they do not give you all the features like shuffle or continuous play.

Well it will probably be a hassle to do right LOpeyTech? It really couldn't be any easier especially if your an ITunes guy like myself. If you spent countless hours building your ITunes library don't worry. It can sync every playlist and entire music library straight from ITunes and will display the content just like you already have it. Once you set up the account the first time, Google Play will automatically recognize that you have added music and will sync your Google Play account for you without you lifting a finger. So instead of buying another $100 or $200 worth of storage on your smart device, just sign up for a free Google Play account. Buy $1.99 app and 20,000 songs go with you, wherever you go!!

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