Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Back to Netflix I go.

The demise of blockbuster started long before I became a member but I thought with my subscription I would be able to single handily turn the tide for blockbuster. I jumped off the Netflix ship the very day they raised prices. It felt like they were constantly changing prices and that was the last straw. I wrote articles proclaiming my love for blockbuster and tried to spread the word that this was not only a viable alternative to Netflix, but the best option... What was not to love?? Basically they had the same delivery service as blockbuster, but you could exchange movies in stores. First you had 5 exchanges a month. Then they changed to unlimited exchanges. This increased foot traffic to the store causing you to spend money in there. It was awesome and blockbuster certainly received more money from me. But with more and more budget cuts, leading to more and more store closures. Eventually my store was closed which wasn't the end of the world. It just meant I relied solely on the mail delivery system.

Over the last few months delivery became slower and slower. Queue updating would take atleast a day and in one case three days to update and mail a new video. I sent a message to customer support asking why delivery had slowed with no response. Rentals started taking two to three days to get to me. So I decided to try a free trial with Netflix. I choose the option of three disc with Blu ray. I believe in Blu ray or bust. I just want to see the best quality you can offer or at least that I can afford. Blockbuster has some Blu rays, that Netflix does not, and you can say the same about Netflix. Blockbuster offers new releases sometimes two months quicker than Netflix. Blockbuster has a streaming service but only as a pay as you go feature.

After two months of comparison, the fact of the matter is that there is no comparison. With Blockbuster taking away there stores, poor customer service, and delayed updating and mailing of rentals, it's obvious to me that that while I loved blockbuster it is no longer the same service that I signed up for. Netflix updates your queue the same day when you return a movie. There customer service is exceptional, and solved a problem instantly. There Blu ray section can not be beat. Netflix offers various options. DVD only 1 through 8 discs at a time. Blu ray options 1 through 8 discs at a time. With streaming, without streaming or streaming by itself.

If you have to have that new release movie the day it comes out, then use Red Box. For a $1.50 per Blu Ray rental, it's well worth the price not to wait. Also instead of paying $9.99 a month (120 a year plus tax for Netflix streaming service) buy an Amazon prime membership it's the up and coming streaming service that looks to go to battle with Netflix. With there selection growing daily, not only do you get streaming video but you get free 2 day shipping when you purchase items from amazon. (Make sure it has a prime eligible logo next to it)

I like to think of this as a dry run of being able to finally cut the cord and get rid of my cable bill. Which I will leave for another article. The bottom line is I love movies and tv and while there are many options, I like to think my options are usually the best.
Netflix for everyday rentals.
Redbox for those must have now Releases
Amazon Prime in demand service.

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