Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A VOIP solution with e-911 support

The NetTalk Duo is a VOIP alternative to your everyday home phone land line solution. The biggest difference for me is the ability to use your internet connections bandwidth to provide your phone service. Essentially you don't have to pay for two services. One internet, two functions at one price. So if your looking for an alternative to the awesome and reviewed Obi 110 I have one for ya. The NetTalk essentially gives you the exact same service however it provides you with a number and does not need a Google voice number.  For the fee of $2.50 a month or $29.95 a year you will get e-911 support, a phone number included, live support, voicemail, call waiting, Caller ID and 3 way calling.

Setup is completely simple and is as easy as calling your phone company and having them set it up a land line. Essentially you do the same thing as you would with the Obihaii 110 which I own and reviewed in a previous article. Connect it to a power strip or wall. Connect your phone to the available phone port on the NetTalk. Connect an Ethernet cord from your router to the netTalk Ethernet port.

The first year of the service is included with the purchase of NetTalk duo. The biggest issue I come across while trying to spread the word on VOIP awesomeness is e-911 support. Most of my friends have kids and having the ability to dial 911 is a must. The second biggest issue is the redundancy factor. Having everything going through your internet connection could be an issue and not having the separate land line could cause some apprehension. Both of these functions for me personally do not matter because I have a mobile phone that I can dial 911 from. 

As I said I use and love the Obihai 110 but if your looking for those extra features you might want to give NetTalk duo a go. Magic Jack Plus has very similar features as the NetTalk duo and should be given a try especially with Magic Jack giving a risk free trial.

My biggest reason for even writing this, is just to get the word out about Home VOIP. (voice over internet protocol) I'm all about saving money when possible. Why would you pay for something extra that you dont need? With VOIP you dont need a land line, you just need an internet and anyone reading this article is going to have internet these days.

Check out their websites and see if this can be a viable option for you. 


NetTalk Duo

Magic Jack

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