Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How do you rent movies?

So if you didnt know, I'm a big movie slut. I love TV in general, movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc etc.... So when people ask me if I use a rental service, it usually leads to a long diatribe about who I use and why. After seeing todays news that Amazon Prime just signed a deal adding 2,000 new titles I thought that it would be a great post. After all whats better than sharing my love and knowledge.

I was with Netflix. Was being the optimal word. I like most people loved paying one fee for streaming and mail service. I really started to feel bad about netflix when they started charging extra for blu ray service. In my opinion once you go Blu Ray its hard to go back. The quality is soooo much better. But I was ok with Netflix charging more for the blu discs because they cost more.  But there greed didnt stop there, they started increasing prices slowly and then regularly, but after the split of Mail and Streaming with a huge rate increase I began to look for different options. With there diminishing movie and tv show library for streaming and there seemingly lack of anything new its hard to justify there price increase. I jumped off the sinking ship that is Netflix and never looked back.

What did I go to you ask. BLOCKBUSTER.. I still feel like I'm part of an under ground cult that I should want more people to know about so it can grow and become even better, but do I really want it harder to get the movies I want. I pay $19.99 a month for three movies at a time. Basically the same amount I used to pay for Netflix mail and streaming service. However I get all blu ray for free. I also get unlimited in store exchanges. That is a topper because I think I would still be with them without it. I use the exchange service at least once a week and usually end up with new movies that I havent received in the mail. They also have Blu Ray tv shows. Like netflix, it's not perfect. They dont offer free streaming with there service like Netflix. They offer streaming but you pay per movie and it's hard to find a set top box, game console or internet tv that has a Blockbuster Streaming App. Netflix has this covered and dominated.

Like, Netflix, sometimes blockbuster has a hard time getting me that movie I must see now. 99 percent of the time I have a great backup plan for that. Its called Redbox. I love Redbox for that movie I can't live without seeing right now. While they have limited locations and sometimes limited stock, there are several locations close to my home and usually have what I want in stock. The awesome thing about them is that you can reserve a movie online at a location of your choice. (if that paticular box has the movie).  Blu Ray flicks are $1.50 per movie and if your lucky you can find a code somewhere online to make that blu ray movie only$0.50.. The only downside is you have to take it back the next day before 9pm or you will be charged a late fee.

Finally you ask me, about the ability to stream shows over the net kinda like Netflix. I bought a Amazon Prime account for $79.00 dollars a year. The benefit is not only the ability to stream movies and tv shows but you get free two day shipping with the service. If your like me, I use AMAZon for just about everything so free shipping is an awesome feature and the ability to stream Movies and Tv shows in a Netflix fashion is an added bonus. The library isnt to the size of Netflix but will continue to grow.

Since everything always comes down to money I decided to do the math and added all the services I use in one year.

Amazon $80

Blockbuster $25 a month = 300 a year or so rounding up for tax.

About $5.00 a month on random Redbox movies. $60

I spend about 440-500 dollars a year on movies and tv shows.

Compared to buying everything I watch at $30-$50 dollars a movie its a bargain.

If I paid for just HBO, Showtime and Cinemax I would be Paying $540 a year to watch a lot of crap I really don't watch or need.

This is how I get my movie watching on and I think it works best for me for a price that I can live with and I feel like I'm getting my money's worth. In the end thats really all that matters. That you feel like your getting your money's worth.


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