Thursday, January 19, 2012

I didn't think these things worked. POWERLINE ADAPTER.

So I'm a huge movie and tv show guy. Since buying and moving into the new place I have had issues with my entire network. I choose to go with ATT Uverse which I can say I have had mixed reviews. The promotional price has been great, however I'm not a Gateway fan at all. A Gateway is basically an all in one device. Your Cable attaches to it for tv. Its also a modem. It can control your home phone. But as a topper they make it a wireless router as well. At this point I never had this before and still find it strange and I dont like having one device to rule them all. 

So after a few days, I realize that my wireless signal in the living room is terrible and fluctuates. Sometimes I will have a great signal and sometimes I wont. I also realize that this Gateway only streams B and G wireless. B & G are usually fine but I guess my living room is far enough away and there are a couple of walls in between that caused way to much interference. I tried putting a Netgear repeater in the living and while that helped my laptops get a better signal it really did nothing for my movie streaming. I would still get way to much interference which lead to constant buffering. So I attached a Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router to that Gateway and I thought my problems were solved. The repeater didnt make it any better. I took back the repeater and purchased a Linksys WES610N 4-port Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge and to my surprise things started working. They worked well enough, so I finally broke down and bought a Mac Mini to be the hub of my home media network. I wanted full 1080p, I wanted blu ray beauty. I bought it as a gift to myself for finally graduating college with a Dual Bachelors in Networking and Network Security. 

Well, my network didnt work. As soon as I hooked up the Mac Mini, blu rays played inconsistently. Some movies would play great. Some would buffer. There is nothing worse than buffering in an important action scene. While I could get the movies to play over an Apple Tv 2. The program I use, which I'm saving to talk about in a future post, would automatically degrade the quality so that it could play properly on the Apple Tv 2. I didn't go through all the trouble I went through to watch them in 720. I want full BLURAY dammit and because I work in I.T. it was driving me crazy that I couldnt get this going. I tried everything I could think of, I was and still am considering getting rid of ATT for Cable. No matter what I tried, no matter what setting I would use there was no getting around it. I was coming to the conclusion that I was gonna knock down some walls and tear this bitch of a house down until I got the signal I wanted dammit. 

Before I decided to do that, I decided to look into Powerline adapters. I was always under the impression that Powerline adapters would never be a great solution and were basically unreliable. But as a last option before ripping down walls, I decided to try it. I'm a big Linksys fan at the moment and I usually like keeping everything the same. Linksys router, must need a Linksys Powerline adapter. But as my boss PB has taught me, you go with what does the best job at the best price. So I looked into Belkin. Belkin is about to come out with WeMO a home plug in automation adapter which I will own and talk about in the future. Belkin to its credit had a similarly priced adapter as Linksys but with the ability to have a 500 mbps connection. The Linksys only advertised at 200 mbps. For the same price I was going to try out the Belkin. 

Setup couldnt have been easier. Although you should probably setup the adapter close to each other at first and then move the second adapter to where ever you need it. After setup, I moved the adapter to where I needed it. I then connected it to my Asus 8 port switch. Connected the internet enabled LG Tv, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, and Mac Mini. Turned on the Tv and the Mac Mini. Streamed Epic Meal Time beautifully. Streamed, a Blu ray movie that had buffering issues with my previous setup. Played a Blu Ray Tv Show that I had issues with. Left that Blu Ray TV show running and started my PS3 and tried playing Modern Warfare 3. This couldnt possible work right??? Streaming a Blu Ray movie while gaming. No way. Well I logged in and started Team Death Match and what did I see. FULLLLLL BARS. Perfect gaming. As a  reviewer of the Belkin Powerline said on his review "This device was my last resort". After trying everything I can safely say this is the best solution for people who have Kryptonite in there walls like I do. If you have to go through 15 walls and 2 bathrooms and a furnace like I do you have to give this a look. It might be exactly what your looking for.


What I use at home or have used as talked about in my post..

Cisco-Linksys E4200 Dual-Band Wireless-N Router


NETGEAR Universal WiFi Range Extender WN2000RPT

Linksys WES610N 4-Port Dual-Band N Entertainment Bridge

Linksys Powerline AV 4-Port Network Adapter Kit

Belkin F5D4085 Powerline AV500 Network Adapter

Asus GX-D1081 8-Port Power-Saving Gigabit Switch



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